Choosing a watch as a gift

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How to choose a watch as a gift

There are some particular moments that have a special importance in our lives. Occasions such as weddings, the birth of a baby, a promotion at work, recognition of the boss, wedding anniversary and retirement still, each of them makes us realize our true value. When looking for a perfect gift for the someone in your life, a watch is a brilliant idea. Watches are something that people need in their daily lives, despite their profession or hobbies. Finding the perfect watch for someone is not difficult when thinking about their likes and dislikes.

There are many styles of watches to choose from. You can only succeed in buying an ideal One if you consider its style, use and need.

What are the best types of watches to gift?

Chances are if you consider giving someone a watch, that person should be someone you know about and their style and fashion tastes. Therefore, you should take into account some factors to choose the ideal model, and not err in choosing:

Automatic or Analog Model

There are two different models, and there are people who like analogue models more and other models of automatic models or models that have both functions. Ideally, you should know this, so avoid choosing a model that will not be used or will be used very often, not worth the expense.

Favourite Colours

Colour is also an important factor, because today there are a multitude of colors available, but the bestselling models are those in shades of silver, black or gold. So you can bet on these colors that are wildest for all times, for both men and women.

With specific options

Many people like watches with specific options for any situation, it is cool and interesting to be aware of this if you want to give away a model. This is because today there are features like water resistance, calendar, timer, among other things and that for some people can make life easier, being very worth the gift.

Anyway, what is the best model to give? There is no specific model, you need to stay tuned, know the tastes of the person, if they are adept at wearing watches and also the style that usually adopts to dress, so you do not err in the choice.

However, be aware that watches today are widely used, so it really is a great choice to give away. Think of a quality product that cost-benefit is interesting and that people especially like.

Choosing watch as a gift for a man

More than a simple timekeeping tool, the watch has become an accessory that reflects style and personality. Models with different box colors, pointers, features. Steel, leather or silicone bracelets, which can be light or heavy. The world of watches has become an environment with countless possibilities. But how do you know which model is the best gift for your father?

First and foremost, you should define your style as modern, sporty, basic or sophisticated. This task is not so simple so take the time to study your father’s habits and understand what suits him best. What he likes to do, places he goes to, and how the clock could help with his daily journey.

But before buying it is important to define on which occasions he will wear the watch most often. If you are going to wear it in the most sophisticated places, opt for the silver with the fine and glossy lines. Now, for the day, bet on the wide bracelets and leather creating an alternative style. Now if he is one of those who needs the watch to accompany him on his activities, from work to the gym, look for the most versatile and practical model.

Also be aware of its features. Many models have cardiac evaluation functions as well as date and calendar. Some are waterproof and suitable for sports. In this case it is worth only a little higher investment in the accessory that is not only stylish but functional.

Lastly, be sure to check the box size. Obviously a small slim watch on big people won’t look very cool, right ?! Just like a big clock is not good for the little ones. And now, what to do? To make no mistake always choose medium sized ones and you will not risk the garment becoming inelegant on your parent. Now just get inspired and pick your watch right away so he never misses the time again!

How to choose the best watch to gift a woman

The watch is one of the most important elements in women’s clothing , therefore, special attention should be paid when making the right choice to make a gift. It is also important to mention that in general, women should have several watches to combine them with the different outfits.

Without a doubt, women’s watches are one of the most important accessories when it comes to dressing. It must have a style according to the clothes that are worn, otherwise, it will ruin the entire outfit . Certainly, the colour, material and model are substantial when choosing a watch and you should always keep in mind the taste of who will use it daily, to avoid spending money unnecessarily.

What to consider when gifting watch to a woman

At the time of giving a watch, the particular taste that the woman possesses should be kept in mind, since otherwise silver will have been spent without any sense. Exactly, the same must take into account the style of the person , so that it can be perfectly combined with all the changes of clothes used during the week.

Age is another of the primary factors when it comes to getting a gift right because it will determine what activities the person who receives it does. For example, if it is a young person, you can use it to go to school or to go out with friends, if it is an adult, you will usually use it for work, work meetings or for a business dinner .

In addition, usually, if it is a young person, use more sporty and colorful models. However, if you are older, choose more classic styles and more sober colors . However, it is not an immovable rule, as it may vary depending on each individual person.

The meshes or bracelets of the watches is a determining factor when deciding whether to use it or not, therefore, much attention should be paid to it. Also, the size, both of the bracelet and the watch, is another aspect to consider. There are women who prefer a discreet size and others instead opt for more lush sizes, making mistakes at that point is decisive when the gift is well received or not.