A brief history in time : U boat watches

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There is an inspirational story behind the creation of the U-boat watch. In 1942, crafter of precision engineering instruments, llvo Fontana, received a prestigious commission from Italian Navy to build and design a new type of watch for their pilots.

However, the project did not materialise due to the circumstances at that time.

Italo Fontana who happened to be llvo’s grandson discovered this precious designs in 2000. And this turned out to be his source of inspiration in order to create the first U-boat watch.

U-boat watches are characterised by the perfect legibility, large size, strong identity, in all weather and light conditions, along with their distinctive and bold design. The U-boat watch has a specially designed safety cover which help to protect the left crown.

Just like their original namesake, the U-boat watches are oversized, aggressive and bold. These timepieces embody style and force and also reveal the unique personality of the man that is behind the revival of the U-boat watch, Italo Fontana. All U-boat watches are handcrafted in Italy and every tiny details are overseen by the man himself, Italo Fontana.

U-boat watch is a classic watch with a unique left hook and it is available in various sizes from 40mm to 53mm. The bold unique design, left hand side crown, and large cases make the U-boat watch to stand out from the crowd. The craftsmanship involved and the quality of materials chosen create fantastic watches that are incredibly durable and reliable.

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