Bell & Ross review

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From a watch brand with real legacy—Originating from an organization that discovered its direction aping air ship instruments, scale and all, for it to dive profoundly into a non-existent history and build up a watch brand that looks to some extent like its been around for years.

What’s more, Bell and Ross—who’s requesting £2,200 for this BR V2-92 Heritage, has truly gotten down to business and ticked all the legacy boxes with this one. There are artificial matured glowing markers, a thin, aluminum bezel, a basic, brushed case, a domed sapphire gem and even a drop of red lettering & instrument-style 3-6-9-12 around the dial.

The false lume, the red print, the domed precious stone—it really works. You take a look at the Bell and Ross BR V2-92 Heritage and hesitantly think, “I like this. I would prefer not to, however I do.” The bezel goes both ways, there’s a balance cut for the date and the case feels just a tad too large at 41mm, the general look feels so exhaustively right that it’s anything but difficult to excuse. It resembles Bell and Ross has hacked the human mind to find the pith of what makes a plunge watch alluring.

These watches wont be everyone cup of tea, I really like them though.