The history of Vostok watches

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Vostok watches In the beginning  In 1942 at the height of World War 2 the Moscow Watch Company was evacuated to Christopol in Tartarstan & continued to make equipment for the defence of the Soviet Union, the production of watches … Read More

British Army G Shock Mudmaster

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The new Casio Mudmaster G-SHOCK are extremely proud to announce the first timepiece to be released as part of our partnership with the Ministry of Defence. The British Army Mudmaster was designed in conjunction with the British Army and is … Read More

The best military watches in 2020

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Military watches Prudence and punctuality are critical to the successful completion of anу task. Regardless of whether you serve in the armу, cope with the dailу routine, or are going on a full-fledged hiking trip. Therefore, everуone who believes in … Read More

The best dive watches in 2020

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For a long time now, diving watches have not been intended solely for professionals in the sea. They are everywhere and we admire both their style and their capabilities, without making them even dive ‘to the tenth of their limit. … Read More

Armani watches for men

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Armani men’s watches  Fashion conscious people always want to create their own style-statement to point their personas and preferences. An Armani mens watch obviously is more functional and structured as compared with the watches for the ladies ,  which focus more … Read More

History of Swatch watches

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History of Swatch watches Choosing a watch alone and without any real knowledge of the history and market, meeting the delicate challenge of still being current in ten or twenty years is very difficult. Throwing oneself on the watchmaking sites … Read More

The history of Casio G-Shock watches

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    For over 35 years, the Casio team of Japanese developers continues to revolutionize the world of latest technology and innovation. The Japanese corporation Casio is always associated in people with the latest progressive developments. Its slogan – “creation … Read More

Watch engraving ideas

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Watch engraving ideas Including an engraving on a watch is the best way to make it unique. What are the chances that you will meet a person with the same watch, design and initials in the subway? If you are … Read More

Which watch brands hold their value?

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Which Watch Brands Hold Value Watches are used for practical purposes, for aesthetic purposes and for collectibles. The watch brands that hold values are there to remind us of how much a single object can be almost a work of … Read More

Choosing a watch as a gift

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How to choose a watch as a gift There are some particular moments that have a special importance in our lives. Occasions such as weddings, the birth of a baby, a promotion at work, recognition of the boss, wedding anniversary … Read More

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