Get True Value For Your Money, Go For Sekonda Watches

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Sekonda watches are enjoying being the top-selling watch brand of the U.K. for the last 20 years. This is only because the brand is a proud manufacturer of attractive watches made of extremely good quality. The quality speaks for itself. This can be seen by the very fact that of the 1.6 million that have been sold worldwide only 1% have been returned till date. The brand was launched in 1966. Surviving its share of ups and downs in the market, it has emerged as one of the best-selling brands of today’s times.

One can find watches from classic to contemporary ones and from 9 Ct. gold to mechanical ones. There are watches for everybody and every age-group, that is for men, women and kids. And in all three sections one can find over a hundred models to choose from. In the men’s section the series are classic, contemporary, pocket watches and sports watches. In the women’s section the range is varied. One finds the classic and essential series. For the kids there are animated, elasticized watches.

The umbrella brand, Sekonda also boasts of 3 very different ranges. These are the ‘Xpose’ Range of watches, the ‘Seksy’ range and the ‘One’ range.

The Xpose range of watches is robust and sporty and has lovers worldwide. The Seksy Range has been especially designed for today’s women. This ultra-feminine, uber cool and sexy range of watches is available from sleek-white to dazzling ones. But they come with a bulky price tag. In this range of watches for women, one can find from everyday fashion wear to graceful evening wear. The One Range has been designed keeping the men-folk in mind. These watches have an edgy appeal to them and are inspired by the street culture. These watches are masculine in their appearance with stainless steel bracelets and rugged leather straps. This range of watches was introduced about 5 years back and has achieved tremendous fan-following in this short span of time.

The designer watch brand, Sekonda is characteristic of unique features like changeable straps and dials have made these watches. The watches offered by the designer brand are elegant, unique pieces in themselves, but what’s best about them is that they are not very heavily priced. This quality makes these watches extremely good value for money.