The history of Casio G-Shock watches

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For over 35 years, the Casio team of Japanese developers continues to revolutionize the world of latest technology and innovation.

The Japanese corporation Casio is always associated in people with the latest progressive developments. Its slogan – “creation and assistance” – became the essence of the company’s mission, their main goal is convenient and simple implementation of the highest quality technologies and new products in people’s daily lives. Original and modern ideas for work, life and leisure are the essence of the activity.

The first Casiotron electronic watch with an automatic calendar has revolutionized the watch technology market.

In 1974, with the creation of the very first Casio watch in the wristwatch market, the evolution of digital technology began. At that time, CASIO had already established itself as the creator of the most advanced technologies in the field of calculator production, therefore it was also not worth entering the Casio watch industry too much, and it immediately announced the start of a revolution in watch production to the world with its activities.


The appearance of the concept and ideas of G-Shock

G-SHOCK came about thanks to the dream of “creating a watch that never breaks.” CASIO conducted tests based on the “Three Tens” concept: 10-year battery life, 10 bar water resistance and resistance to drops even from 10 meters. In those days, when a watch was considered a fragile thing, this idea went beyond common sense. But G-SHOCK has changed stereotypes.

In 1983, Casio launched the G-Shock brand watch, which is protected from all kinds of bumps. This watch was able to destroy the idea that the watch is a fragile jewelry mechanism that must be treated with great care. The new triple protection of the case, the new module and the new parts of the movement made up the latest radical watch design, which now was not afraid of any shock and vibration. The appearance of the new Casio watch model was received positively not only due to such strength and practicality of the watch, but also due to its unique design combined with its high functionality, which led to high sales figures in the 90s.

Casio spent almost 2 years on putting this idea into practice. For testing, about 200 prototypes of watches were created. Thanks to the passion, great desire and tireless work of all members of the project team, the first finished model of the shockproof watch DW-5000C from the G-Shock series was released in 1983!

The world’s first shock-resistant mechanism was realized thanks to the desire for revolution, new progressive ideas, for example, such as a unique design that protects the watch module from external impacts, which, together with special rubber inserts, provides safety during shock and vibration.

Kikuo Ibe, head of the G-Shock watch development department, says: “At first, I thought it would be easy enough. Our developers of this new type of watch were not at all frightened by my optimism that “the watch should never break when it falls”. But, looking from the window of the ground floor room, I realized that the clocks that survived the fall from this height are still not as impressive as we would like. And then I decided to create a watch that would withstand a fall from the height of the 3rd floor, and this is about 10 meters (33 feet).

The idea of a “durable watch” had been in Kikuo Ibe’s head since his school years, The young Japanese Man had a nightmare – he accidentally drops his father’s watch on the asphalt and sees how it breaks into small pieces. But already an adult, Mr. Ibe is carefully developing new indestructible watches in one of Tokyo’s laboratories.

Kikuo Ibe explained: “Even when we increased the strength of all components, changes from the fall still occurred and were associated with the material and shape of the case. There were always parts that could not withstand the load from falling and the weak links of the structure, in the end, there were always. So we realized that we were at an impasse.

But we could not and did not want to abandon the idea of creating a universal heavy-duty watch, and even despite the fatigue and slight despair, we continued our attempts to find new solutions to this problem. And so, once I was walking around the park at lunchtime and saw children playing ball. It was then that a unique and unusual idea came to my mind: “But what if you look inside the ball and understand how it withstands such strong blows.” This was a real breakthrough, which became the basis for the creation of a series of heavy-duty watches G-Shock, based on a floating design that supports the components of the watch mechanism at fixed points. It was a moment of truth, eureka! ”So, thanks to natural observation, willpower, great desire and desire of Japanese scientists, the world’s first ultra-precise and durable Casio G-Shock watch was created.

Soon, several new functions were added to the main functions of the G-Shock model: power from solar energy, sensors, radio signal reception, plus manufacturing materials were improved.

Continuing to create new technologies, and successfully introducing them, Casio continued to change the concept of watches, and soon the G-Shock brand became the leader among all Casio watches.

There is no need to focus on external protective devices, because the most important thing – the module – remains vulnerable. The idea of the interior space, which will soon become known as the “floating module” and became the key to solving the most important problem – the robust watch design. Mr. Ibe used thin rubber balls to fill the space between the housing cover and the module itself.

After long tests in the laboratory, the watch managed to become just that “durable” highlight that conquered the world. 50 million sales – only Casio can achieve such an achievement. The G-Shock line has become one of the most popular Japanese brands. All this thanks to functionality, durability, stylish design and affordable pricing.