Watch engraving ideas

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Watch engraving ideas

Including an engraving on a watch is the best way to make it unique. What are the chances that you will meet a person with the same watch, design and initials in the subway? If you are going to have something designed on your new watch & I if you are going to give it as a gift to one of your loved ones, an engraving will make it become a treasured memory. Watch engraving sounds great, but if you don’t do it correctly you may regret the idea!

It is important to think hard about the design or message when submitting it to the engraver as mistakes can be near impossible to rectify & could ruin the timepiece.

Before immortalizing your best friend’s graduation, anniversary and wedding with an engraved watch, check out our suggestions for getting it right with the best watch engraving ideas.

Types of watch engravings

Engravings have been used for more than 60,000 years to turn objects into something special. Whether it’s your private collection of ostrich egg shells or your favorite seal ring , an engraving can make them unique. And like most things today, you can get it in record time: a laser engraver can add text to a watch in 35 seconds.

Hand engraved

Hand engravings are a true work of art. As it is a work carried out by skilled craftsmen, the result is not as accurate or uniform as that of laser engravings. The attractiveness of hand engravings derives from its charm of the old and exclusive character. But all this has a cost, both in terms of time and money.

Rotary engraving

This type of engraving is done with a computer controlled rotary cutter and results in accurate engraving. It is normally used with metals, including gold, sterling silver, steel and copper.

The biggest disadvantage of this technique is that it cannot be used with heat sensitive materials. The friction that is created during the process heats the parts and can damage delicate watches that contain plastic, glass or fragile gems.

Laser engraving

This type of engraving is done with (yes, you guessed it) laser. A high precision laser beam creates heat during the engraving process and causes the material it touches to evaporate, leaving your personalized message in place. It is extremely fast and gives you the option to choose a large selection of fonts, symbols and styles. This technique can be applied on metal, stone, leather and wood and offers precision and great readability. To create deeper marks, the process can be repeated.

Do the laser engravings disappear or are they permanent? The duration of the engraving depends on the material of the watch. Some soft metals, such as gold or silver, can be easily scratched and engraving is likely to fade over time. But the engravings on hard metals such as stainless steel and titanium will last a lifetime.

Watch engraving ideas to inspire you

Deciding what you are going to write with laser in your accessory seems like an easy task … until you discover that the watch in which you have to enter the text has a limit of 20 characters. We are asked this question daily: “What should I record in this?” Finding meaningful words or something that does not look like a stalker is difficult.

Everyone can use a little inspiration. We have compiled our favorite phrases from real prints and added some more of our harvest. All of them within the limit of the 20 characters.

Engraving ideas for your dad

Whether it’s your father, your stepfather, father-in-law or grandfather, telling him what you feel is really not easy. And doing it in just 20 characters is even more difficult.

Making the decision to give him something with a personalized engraving is easy, but what can you put? Here are some ideas to start:

• I love you Dad

• You are my inspiration

• You inspire me every day

• You are the best father

• Better than a tie

• There’s no one like you

• I want to be like you!

• You are my hero

Engraving ideas for your mom

A personalized and engraved watch is a nice way to show your mom that you love her! Imagine her joy at discovering a beautiful watch, engraved with a sentence that will touch her heart!

We suggest that you take inspiration from our ideas for texts to be engraved or use them as sources of inspiration in order to write your own more personalized sentence.

Do not hesitate to use the nickname that your mom gave you when you were little, its qualities or the expression it often uses!

• I love you mom

• The best mom in the world

• thanks Mom

• The woman of my life

• A mother’s love is precious. I love you !

• A mother is everything

• Best Mom Award

• Prize for the best storyteller / cook / handyman (you choose according to his talent)

• My mother, my friend

• A mother holds the key to hearts

• Thanks for always being there for me

• Thank you for always believing in me

• To my mother, my best friend

• Thank you for always being on my side

• Best mom ever

• Forever your daughter

• Forever your son

• Thanks for your love

• To my first model

• Like Mother like daughter

• Mother of the year

• How lucky to have a mom like you!

Engraving ideas for graduates

Graduating is a very important achievement and that’s why we have to celebrate and commemorate it. Adding an engraving to a watch will help you transform a normal gift into an unforgettable memory of your achievement. One way to be sure is to record your initials or name.

Many people like to record the graduation date as a reminder that, whatever happens from now on … you did it!

• Go out to succeed

• You got it!

• Aim at the moon

• I told you!

• Don’t forget us

• Good job

• You will go far

• Let the successes follow

• The future is yours

Engraving ideas for a friend

Finding the right message for your colleague will help you show how much you care without words. You can choose for sure, such as recording the name, initials, date of birth, special day or your coordinates, or get inspired by our ideas:

• You are the smart one

• Do you remember…

• Hey you, Pink Floyd

• I know your secrets

• My super colleague

• It was me?

• Sayonara baby

• Thanks for being you

• Live your life

• Are you talking with me?

Engraving ideas for yourself

Choosing a print for you should be easy compared to choosing the right one others. Whether it’s your name or an inspirational verse from the Bible, Torah, Koran or a phrase from a Harry Potter movie, the result must be personal.

• Tell your story

• Never give up!

• Carpe Diem

• Be a warrior

• Do it. The end.

• Always ahead

• Think big

• Have courage

• My way

• Be yourself

The idea is that the message of all the engravings be short, clear and precise. Most engraving services have a character limit that forces you to be very specific.

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